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A vehicle agnostic, real-time, E2E solution for heavy commercial fleets

Fleet Cybersecurity


Protecting Fleets

from cyber-attacks


End-to-End solution enabling fleet managers to apply zero trust policy by protecting the vehicles in real time and managing threats from a dedicated Security Operation Center


A single cyber attack can take down an entire fleet  

Cyber security is a complex challenge for fleets. First, vehicles are a gateway for cyber-attacks, and as such there needs to be an internal capability to identify, detect, mitigate, and prevent threats. Moreover, threat alerts must be communicated promptly and clearly to a SOC to determine the adequate response and mitigation. As all fleet vehicles are connected to the fleet’s management system, one infected vehicle can easily infect the entire fleet.

from in-vehicles components to a fleet manager security operations center, including the intelligence & statistics feeds required to address cyber threats in real time.

Everything is included in SheeldS E2E solution and designed to address heavy commercial fleet requirements as part of a holistic approach that takes into account the human factor, usability, reporting and standards compliance has the best chance off achieving maximum accuracy, visibility and scalability

SheeldS Solution for fleets is based on AI/ML to identify anomalies and threats and generate the continuously evolving ruleset to address them.

The cloud central model allows using more and AI modeling that were previously not possible, and enabling prompt deployment, scalability and efficient resource allocation. 

protect all your fleet’s heavy commercial vehicles regardless of their manufacturer or model. One solution protects all vehicles. Our deep industry experience with legacy and current vehicle security solutions and industry standards lead to develop of a scalable “plug and play” solution with compatibility not only with most commercial vehicle types and models, but also with the leading computing, communications and security systems currently deployed by commercial fleets

SheeldS solution for fleets is a key component in enforcing zero trust policy. With every vehicle key-On, the solution confirms that the vehicle’s behavior and components are identical to its previous ones. The solution assumes no trust of users or devices attempting to connect to the vehicles. AI based analytics detect behavioral anomalies and highlights mode of operation. This is the preferred approach when faced with the total of all the vulnerabilities resulting from insecure software code, low-end hardware chips and unencrypted communications that can come from any of the more than 150 in-vehicle and after-market devices than can be found in commercial vehicles

Fleet Cybersecurity Solution 

Continuously evolving ruleset to address threats 

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The premier
fleet-specific cyber security solution

Agnostic, cloud-based cyber security solution for heavy commercial fleets, across diverse markets, types, and vehicle models that increases confidence through prevention of financial loss, brand damage, and compliance.

We secure fleets against

AI based threat analysis and counter measures

End to end Solution

in-vehicle to fleet SOC 

AI/ML Detection of Threats and Anomalies 

Key component in enforcing Zero Trust policy

Successfully tested Solution  

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