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safe space for fleet operators

SheeldS provides a safe space for fleet operators and their commercial vehicles. With number of cyber threats growing every day, it is important to know that there are professionals using the latest AI/ML and cloud-based technologies to protect and ensure the safety of all types of vehicles, drivers and fleet operators.

We provide a

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Image by Annie Spratt

Our mission is

developing cyber-security

technologies for

automotive environments. 

Our company was founded as Arilou in 2012, with the mission of developing cyber-security technologies for automotive environments. Our military and private cybersecurity experience has resulted in patented technology, field-tested products and a proven track record in developing reliable high-end cyber security solutions for some of the most complicated environments. We are industry leaders in detecting anomalies and threats and have vast experience in working with leading OEM & Tier 1s.

In 2016, the company was acquired by NNG, a leading automotive software provider. Together we are enabling the next phase of the connected car revolution. We operate 12 offices worldwide, working with OEMs and partners to analyze threats and develop specific solutions for their requirements. 

Our award-winning products and extensive industry experience, along with patented and patent-pending technologies, keep us at the forefront of automotive cybersecurity. We are proud to be part of the connected car revolution and dedicated to keeping fleets safe, secure and protected on this amazing journey.

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