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for Fleets

SheeldS offers a premier cloud-based cyber security solution built specifically for commercial fleets management specifications. Based on the experience and deep industry knowledge of our team, we have both the vision and the technology to provide the best platform for protecting commercial vehicles from cyberthreats.


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Our end-to-end solution for heavy commercial fleets comprises in-vehicles anomalies detectors, threat identifiers and defenders, as well as a Cloud Security Operations Center to visualize & recommend mode of operation for cyber threats and anomalies.  

We enable fleet managers to protect their vehicles from cyber threats, and comprehensively manage these threats with a dedicated SOC. 


In-vehicle Detector
& Defender

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Dedicated Security Operation Center

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Immediate Detection and Response

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Fleet cybersecurity visibility 


In-vehicle Detector &

Our in-vehicle solution comprises two components who perform detection of anomalies and threats, protection from threats, and communication with the cloud security operation center to both notify it and receive mode of operation to mitigate new threats. SheeldS in-vehicle components allow immediate and independent threat responses and lean on AI/ML tools to identify and mitigate new threats and anomalies. 

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Dedicated Security Operation Center

The security operation center (SOC) is a hub which receives the data from the in-vehicle component, SheeldS' data lake and 3rd parties threat repositories. A hub for anomalies, threats and mode of operation, the SOC allows immediate response in case of a threat detection. The SOC also provides information to the fleet SOC or fleet management software, allowing fleet cybersecurity experts to receive timely notifications and provide mitigation accordingly. 

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Immediate Detection and Response

SheeldS solution components are orchestrated to provide accurate and immediate response. Detecting a threat can sometimes entail detecting several anomalies, seemingly unrelated and unharmful, yet when grouped indicate a threat. SheeldS' in-vehicle components along with the SOC and the threats repository allow Immediate detection, analysis and prediction of anomalies and threats.

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Fleet cybersecurity visibility 

The fleet security operation center gains full visibility on all vehicles and assets, providing real time data for threats and anomalies, with suggested ruleset and mode of operation based not only on the fleet’s identified threats but also on third parties' repositories and the general heavy commercial fleets trends based on SheeldS data lake. 


How it all works

Our advanced automotive cyber security platform is based on these key elements:


Zero Trust 

Authentication for maximum security


Advanced Technology

Using AI and ML for preventive fleet protection


Complete Visibility 

Based on intelligent monitoring

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Full Connectivity

Enabling real-time detection, alerts and responses

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Proven Accuracy

For fleet specific operations and requirements

Going the extra mile for fleet Cyber Protection

SheeldS solution is creating a cyber safe fleet operation, allowing the enforcement of zero trust policies to ensure fleet integrity and safety. 

Regulatory Compliance

Complying with automotive cyber security standards such as UNR 155/156 and ISO 21434 not only result in enhanced security for the fleet but can also protect companies from liability resulting from a cyber attack. 

Intelligent Monitoring

High accuracy rates and zero false positives can stop malicious hackers before they do damage while remaining transparent to authenticated users.  AI & ML technologies are used to detect behavioral anomalies while ensuring continued productivity for legitimate operations.

Real-time Threat Analysis & Prediction 

Once a potential intruder is detected, historical and third party data are used to determine in real time whether the threat is an immediate danger. Based on this analysis the system determines what actions, if any, should be taken to remedy the situation.

Pre-emptive Detection

Preventing downtime and brand damage requires sensing suspicious activity before security is compromised. This is enabled by analysing historical data to establish patterns for normal  behaviour and using that as a baseline for anomaly detection.

Effective Counter Measures

When threats are determined to be real and dangerous,  the system may take counter measures to isolate the source of the threat and protect the fleet from potential damage. Early threat detection and mitigation is the best way to stop attacks from compromising fleet security and damaging brand reputation.

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Based on years of deep industry knowledge and relationships with key players, we are proud of our intellectual property portfolio of both patented and patent-pending technologies

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