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An Embedded Navigation Experience on a Smart Device?

NNG’s iGO Navigation app for Android and iOS now supports Apple CarPlay and the open-source Smart Device Link. Now you can bring the award-winning navigation engine and an embedded-like experience to new markets.

Smart Navigation for a Smart Device

Many drivers, especially those in emerging markets, prefer to use a smart device for navigation. Capturing this market can be hard when we live in a digital landscape cluttered with 3rd party navigation solutions. Although these apps have enabled drivers to become comfortable with navigation – and helped to grow the market – what they don’t offer is the customizable and embedded-like experience of true in-vehicle navigation.

NNG is at the forefront of automotive navigation software. Our years of embedded navigation experience and a true white-label portfolio, allow us to offer a fully customizable and brandable experience for our customers. Now, our award-winning iGO navigation engine is available as a white-label and customizable smart device application on iOS and Android, supporting both Apple CarPlay and the open-source Smart Device Link.

Watch the video to find out more:

Your Own Branded Navigation Experience

Now you can create your own branded navigation application with NNG’s iGO navigation engine at its core – brand colors, brand logos, regional requirements, make our app your own.

If you would like to know more about our white-label solutions or learn more about our expertise in SDL and CarPlay, contact us

**Cerrado, previously known as Arilou

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