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Our Future Vision | Cyber-Attacks | A Dark Alley – Not My Destination

The first in an ongoing series, this post discusses a six-word short story about the dangers of cyber-attacks for future automated and connected vehicles.

This post is the first a series of short, six-word stories designed as thought starters. Each exploring a separate segment of our expertise: Automotive Cyber Security, Vehicle User Experience, and Location-Based Services.

Our Future Vision is about sharing the ideas that stick at the back of our minds, getting them out in short form and letting the imagination do the rest.

Cyber-attacks are on the rise

For connected cars, cyber-security is quickly becoming a necessity. Already, in today’s world, we are seeing an alarming increase in cyber-attacks. How will innovation in automated vehicles, intelligent transport systems, navigation, augmented reality, and infotainment be impacted if hackers can gain unimpeded access to a vehicle’s interior networks and critical connected infrastructure?

In this six-word story, hackers have taken control of the vehicle’s infotainment system and have spoofed the navigation to deliver the unknowing driver to a remote and isolated location. There are countless scenarios that build from this kind of encounter, from mugging to kidnap.

It’s a story not too far from reality. How many of us blindly follow our navigation, even when driving around in towns or cities we may have lived in for years? In a future filled with autonomous vehicles, how soon would we realise we were being redirected to the wrong location? Cyber-attacks represents a real danger to automotive safety. We must examine the possible scenarios if we’re to create an effective solution.

To avoid the kind of dark future described above, multi-layered approaches to cyber-security must be considered. Solutions ranging from hardened ECU’s to robust IDPS for critical in-vehicle networks. We must also explore the potential vulnerabilities of connected infrastructure such as electric vehicle charging stations.

**Cerrado, previously known as Arilou

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